Mountain Hut-Hotel Alpe Ponte

Lanzada (Sondrio - Valmalenco) - Loc. Alpe Ponte   
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  • false

    1 x Camerone (Room)

    BB HB FB

    {"S": 6, "M": 6, "B": 0, "N": false}

    [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CST", "qta": 2}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CST", "qta": 2}], "kitchenette": false}]
    bathroom (with WC, shower)
  • false

    1 x Camera matrimoniale (Room)

    BB HB FB

    {"S": 2, "M": 2, "B": 0, "N": false}

    [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}]
    bathroom (with WC, shower)
  • false

    3 x Camere (Room)

    BB HB FB

    {"S": 4, "M": 4, "B": 0, "N": false}

    [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CST", "qta": 1}]

    [{"id": "camera", "letti": [{"id": "MTRS", "qta": 1}, {"id": "CST", "qta": 1}], "kitchenette": false}]
    bathroom (with WC, shower)

Availability and approximate prices

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Map Sondrio - Valmalenco

Mountain Hut-Hotel Alpe Ponte
Loc. Alpe Ponte
Lanzada (Sondrio - Valmalenco)

Sondrio - Valmalenco

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