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Valtellina, Lombardy



Dubino - Via Spluga, 43 - Fr. Nuova Olonio

High Quality and authentic products at low prices. The restaurant uses always fresh and genuine products, based on season availability and likes to offer different and particular proposals, always cheap but of high quality and perfect presentation on the...

Grosio - via Roma, 2

Links to tradition, the quality of the primary ingredients, the skills of the chefs and the attention dedicated to the guest are all rules set in gold for Jim, ambassador of the Valtellina's cuisine in the world.

Morbegno - Via Stelvio, 180

The restaurant (dedicated to the Orobian Alps) offers you an innovative menu created by the chefs using only local products from local farmers, which guarantees genuineness and freshness. Typical Valtellina dishes, such as pizzoccheri and sciatt, are included...

Livigno - Via Ostaria, 583

Designed for an elegant and charming food experience, this unique restaurant offers a menu that exalts the tradition of the mountain flavors all year long. Perfect in winter and summer time for your holiday in Livigno.

Bormio - Via Dante, 6

Valfurva - S. Caterina - Via Magliaga, 15

Food Food Food! Valtellina is the land of good flavours and local dishes. Whenever possible, fresh ingredients are used, purchased at the local market and farmers. The Casera and Scimudin cheeses, the bresaola raw meat and salami as well as mushrooms...

Livigno - Via Florin, 77/93

Hotel Amerikan's restaurant is open to everyone, for lunch and dinner. The chefs are ready to serve the best typical dishes of Valtellina and Italian cuisine on your table, simple and genuine but refined at the same time, accompanied by a wide selection of...

Chiesa in Valmalenco - Fraz. Chiareggio

The our restaurant offers a setting cozy and modern with two dining rooms with a great view on the landscape. Here you can booking your dinner or lunch. The restaurant offer a Menù with National plate and Local plate, like pizzocheri, saddle of venison,...

Albosaggia - Via Moia, 6

Lanzada - Via Ronchetti, 331

Sondrio - P.zza Garibaldi, 19

The “1862 Ristorante della Posta” offers an exquisite refined cuisine well complemented by a rich Wine List, to be enjoyed in the elegant recently renovated dining rooms. The 1862 Ristorante della Posta is open al year round, also to the non-residents.

Chiavenna - Via Don Peppino Cerfoglia, 2

Gordona - Via al Piano, 22

Chiesa in Valmalenco - Via Vassalini, 27

Livigno - Via Saroch, 38

Livigno - Via Plan, 422/A

Mese - Via Don Primo Lucchinetti, 63

The crotto which dates back to 1767 (the actual date is etched onto the stone flooring at the entrance to the farm building), once used as a barn, was the very first in Valchiavenna to throw open its doors to the public in 1928.

Livigno - Via Saroch, 35

Teglio - Via Roma, 5

Campodolcino - Via Don Guanella, 2

Chiuro - Via Stelvio, 48

Forcola - Strada Statale, 38

Chiesa in Valmalenco - Fraz. Chiareggio - Loc. Pian del Lupo

Teglio - Via Pruneri, 2

Livigno - Via Dala Gesa, 38

Livigno - Via Saroch, 350

Morbegno - P.zza Lusardi, 3

Morbegno - P.zza Lusardi, 1

Livigno - Via Saroch, 496

Teglio - Via Roma, 70

Livigno - Via Compart, 445

Livigno - Via Dala Gesa, 678

Bormio - Loc. Bormio 2000 - Via Bucellina, 8

Livigno - Via Domenion, 214

Aprica - Via Privata Gemelli

Poggiridenti - Via Stelvio, 75

Tirano - Via Nazionale, 100

Morbegno - P.zza Marconi, 16

Piuro - Strada della Chiesa

Teglio - Via Arboledo, 15

Caspoggio - Via Don Gatti, 13

Albosaggia - Via Torchione, 32

Morbegno - Via Margna, 36

Tirano - Via Mazzini, 14

Livigno - Via Taglieda, 98

Valdisotto - Via Crap del Maro, 22

Teglio - Via Roma, 32

Chiesa in Valmalenco - Loc. Chiareggio

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